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Director of Digital Facilities

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Job - Technology

Close Date: 08/15/2019

The position is responsible for strategy, coordination, and management of technology infrastructure for the College of the Arts (COTA) including its four schools (Architecture, Art + Design, Film, Music & Theater). This includes labs, high-tech classrooms, A/V equipment checkout and other areas in need of specific technical support. Assist areas in need of specific technical support on a project availability basis. The College’s growth and its specialized needs, curriculum, and facilities make coordination essential. Evolution in classroom technology make short- and long-term planning and budgeting necessary.
Oversee operations of all COTA digital facilities (computer labs, video labs, photography labs, music labs, printing equipment); assists in operations of digital elements of other COTA technology facilities (e.g. Materials Lab, websites, course evaluation scanning, WiFi); engineers work processes for lab staffs and delegates day-to-day management; sets quality and performance standards; manages budget and financial accounting for digital facilities; leads team efforts in system maintenance, lab upgrades, server management, specialized printing, and student account auditing; hires and trains lab staff of 40-45 students and temps; manages digital archives and shared-drives as requested. Works closely with school directors and faculty to meet their technical, technology, software, and equipment needs.
Responsible for developing proactive approaches to facilities, staffing, and budget issues; introduces new and creative solutions; understands the bigger picture and identifies cross-functional integration and system impacts; has strong understanding of PMBOK or similar project management strategy: initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing; coordinates projects involving multiple stakeholders and support units.
Manages budget and financial accounting for digital facilities. Establishes inventory tracking and access system for COTA digital equipment. Processes purchase orders, places orders for lab and facility software and hardware and other digital equipment; maintains an inventory of all faculty and staff computers, manages, upgrade purchases of faculty and staff computer based on annual COTA budget.
Uses knowledge of technology in education to assess trends, benchmark to comparator institutions, assess evolving local needs, project impact of new services, labs, and programs. Convenes and coordinates with COTA Technology Committee to identify strategic overlap and areas for collaboration between the four schools. Applies knowledge of general and arts-specific software used in graphic design, video, photography, animations, 3D rendering, DAW recording musical notations, and digital output to create integrated delivery systems meeting complex curricular needs in the college. Works with classified staff to establish day to day operations, scheduling and staff training.

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