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Senior Program Specialist

Oregon Department of Education

Job - Government

Close Date: 11/17/2019

As our Lead Program Specialist you lead efforts within the Early Learning Division’s Program Unit to develop, implement and analyze performance measures for programs (state funded Early Head Start, Oregon Pre-Kindergarten, Preschool Promise, Baby Promise, and Relief Nurseries) with the goal of instituting a continuous cycle of data-driven quality improvement. You also work with Program Specialists to use performance measures to make recommendations for program improvements, systems changes and policy recommendations.

Tasks can be varied according to the time of year and include:

Develops, tracks and manages performance measures

Lead efforts within the Program Unit to develop, implement and analyze performance measures for publicly funded Early Learning Division programs and other related initiatives, including but not limited to grants (Pre-K Improvement Grant, Preschool Development Grant, Head Start Collaboration Grant). Develops processes within the Program Unit and across other ELD units and/or other state agencies to competently track data, capture metrics, and report results. Leads cross-program or cross-organizational efforts to ensure performance data is competently captured and accurately represented. Determines data that needs to be collected and analyzed in order to ensure performance outcomes are met. Compiles and evaluates data from different programs and agencies to identify trends and determine needed policies and operational change. Develop reports for Early Learning Division programs to help them track and understand their progress. Ensures reports are developed, understood, and utilized by specialists in support of continuous quality improvement. Develops recommendations to ensure data is captured and targets are met.

Manages Quality Improvement Efforts

Makes recommendations based on performance data for quality improvements to programs and systems. Provides technical assistance to staff critical to program performance on best practices and data-driven decisions. Provide analysis of the ROI of Division programs. Evaluates data from different programs and agencies to identify trends, design operational systems, and give policy input. Works with programmatic leads to develop measures and targets for program outcomes and associated grants. Consult with varied stakeholders, researchers, and/or national consultants to help interpret data trends. Coordinate periodic review of existing administrative rules and regulations; evaluate for alignment with current policy strategies; recommend and formulate plans to change policy direction based on results of research. Recommend policies and procedures or priorities to reflect the system integration goals and requirements. Develop documentation, manuals and training; recommend operating policy and procedures and implementation strategy to bring into effect system enhancements.

Presentation and Communications

Communicates professionally and positively to help drive performance and organizational improvement. Communicates reports to a variety of audiences, Legislators, Early Learning Council, Early Learning Division staff, other agencies, community partners and stakeholders. Independently creates compelling visuals, PowerPoints, and executive summaries that capture the performance of the Division’s programs and other initiatives. Prepare and present technical material for a variety of audiences, both internal and external to the Division. Collaborates with the Division’s Communication Team to prepare reports and materials.

Project Management

Plan program or operational improvement projects and comprehensive research studies; identify project scope, required training and resources. Recommend project budget and spending plan. Identify potential risks and difficulties, and design strategies to mitigate or avoid them. Collaborate with stakeholders and follow contracting guidelines to develop contractor statement of work; obtain bids from contractors. Manage project steps to cause participation of project team members and other stakeholders. Monitor and track project budget, schedule and performance. Coordinate project activities with internal units. Administer project contracts; monitor and evaluate contractor performance. Recommend changes to project plan in response to unforeseen changes or unexpected results. Obtain approvals to proposed changes in project scope, quality, budget, or schedule. Verify quality of project deliverables.

Commitment to Equity

Cultivation of equitable practices across all aspects of job function. Learn and apply knowledge and skills to interrupt systemic oppression. Participate and engage in efforts to further division wide efforts to develop and implement the Equity Breakthrough Team work plans. Have knowledge of and apply tools, such as the Equity Lens, Culturally Responsive Community Engagement tool, the Protocol for Culturally Responsive Organizations, etc., to all work to ensure that the shared vision and mission of this ELD is clearly articulated in all work produced from his division.

Consistently treats customers, stakeholders, partners, vendors and co-workers with dignity and respect. At all Times - Creates and maintains a work environment that is welcoming and respectful of diversity. Sets clear guidelines and models expected professional behaviors.

Working Conditions

Open and often noisy work environment, frequently working with highly sensitive materials. Requires input and retrieval of information from different computer systems. Requires strong communication skills by telephone, in writing, and in-person. Regular interruptions. Frequent travel, possibly overnight. May require prioritization of heavy volume of work, pressure of rush jobs and deadlines which require quality finished product.

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