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Product Owner

Marmoset, Portland, OR

Job - Technology

Close Date: 07/26/2019

Marmoset (we do music licensing, and much more!) is seeking a Product Owner with direct experience working with agile software teams. The ideal candidate has a user-focused mindset, is experienced in managing multiple priorities and deliverables, and has worked in a software development environment. As a critical member of Marmoset’s Tech Team, you’ll help provide the information, priority, and context necessary to achieve working software -- regularly updating and maintaining the product backlog. You’ll help plan sprints, collaborating with both users and developers to make sure the end result is the right thing at the right time. You’ll have support from Marmoset’s Tech Team Leader.

What you should know: We’ve currently got a Tech Team consisting of developers and a Team Leader who doubles as Scrum Master. We’re all about Scrum. We value commitment to boundaries around roles, people skills that allow us to communicate between teams effectively, and knowing when it’s important to say “no” or change direction. It’s critical for this role to be able to apply pressure to the development team without sacrificing respect for the team’s work and capacity, and to understand that there’s only a rare occasion when a request or issue is truly “urgent” enough to disrupt the current committed work and team flow.

You -

Basics: You have product and software experience, and want to stick with a career in tech. Maybe you’re sick of the grind and limitations at another company and want a change of scenery, where balance and quality of life matters? You’re good with details, but your strength lies in seeing the big picture. If this sounds like you, keep reading.
Personality: You’re a team player. Self ­starter with a contagious “can do” attitude. You are humble, calm and cool under pressure, and rarely ruffled by stress. You can make sense of and find valuable gems within a “firehose” of information.

Abilities: You can translate business requirements into technical requirements with ease. Your super human organization skills and strong attention to detail has helped teams achieve success. You are an excellent communicator, strong researcher, and attentive listener. Creating an amazing experience for users is your goal. You’re proactive, resourceful and can figure things out on your own. You can tell someone “no” without sacrificing kindness and empathy.

Experience: 1 year minimum experience working with software development and software developers. A basic understanding of agile methodology is required; certification in product ownership (CSPO/PSPO) is a plus! You should have experience using JIRA or something similar to build and maintain a prioritized backlog.

Passion: You love collaboration and teamwork. You thrive in a fun, friendly, highly creative environment. Passion for community is a must. Your desire to learn and grow is unrivaled.

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