Event: 2 Sides of 1 Coin: Having Conversations in Polarizing and Pressure-Filled Times

Date: April 29, 2024

Start Time: 3:00 pm

End Time: 5:00 pm

Location: The Redd

Address: 831 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR

Let’s face it, many conversations go sideways. Many of us feel “squeezed” in these polarizing times, and shocking data shows that this tension is seeping into the workplace and costing companies millions. With the rise of social media, political polarization, the new reality of work from home, and the Great Resignation… we are experiencing our peers or team in a whole new way. For instance, we see the inside of their homes, hear their dogs bark, witness what matters to them on their feeds and on the walls of their house… and sometimes we even hear the toilet flush! How can we engage optimally with people in this new paradigm, especially if they hold different perspectives, values, and beliefs… and sometimes seem to be on a “whole other planet?”

NAO invites you to join us for an important, interactive conversation with Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary, co-authors of Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative and TEDx speakers. Jennifer and Katie know the power of collaboration between diverse, talented, and smart people. They use their own tools and practice what they preach! By embracing their own energetic dichotomies: Conservative/Liberal; Country/Rock-n-Roll; Christian/Buddhist; and Executive/Creative, they help diverse people and teams connect authentically and purposefully. This event is a “Don’t-Miss” for anyone wanting to work across differences and build bridges toward more collaborative and understanding workplace relationships.

In a fast-paced, reactive, and noisy world, listening and speaking truth has become more complicated than ever. Quality communication arises from how you interact with others, and too much emphasis is often placed on language to do the hard work of communication. Great conversations that move the needle forward and improve processes begin with intentional listening and a conversation paradigm that is 1 way. Rooted in practical neuroscience, Jennifer and Katie equip audiences around the world and across industries with paradigm shifts and essential skills to help them communicate and collaborate better with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

By attending this event, you will:

-Learn to hold yourself present in any conversation and navigate challenging conversations

-Strengthen yourself and/or a team to be more productive, innovative, and collaborative

-Discover game-changing differences between “sloppy” and “clean and curious” listening

-Acquire the right questions that open you—and others— up to create breakthroughs

-Walk away with effective language to use in any conversation to be highly effective, transparent, and collaborative