Community Resource Groups

In 2020, Partners in Diversity released a year-long workforce retention study that showed professionals of color experienced challenges in finding their community. To better support our communities, Partners in Diversity created Community Resource Groups (CRGs). They are affinity spaces designed to bring people together in a safe space to network, discuss current issues relevant to that specific community and learn from each other.

We have four Community Resource Groups:

  • Asian and Pacific Islander Resource Group
  • Black Community Resource Group
  • Latino Community Resource Group
  • Native American Community Resource Group

These groups function similarly to employee resource groups, but on a broader level and not specific to one employer. To sign up for one or more of the CRGs, please click on the button below.

Upcoming CRG events

Community Resource Groups – End of Year Celebration

For the first time, we’ll be bringing together our Black, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, and Native American Community Resource Groups for an evening of celebration and community building. Join us…

December 12, 2023