Event: Become a Foster Parent

Date: June 21, 2021

Location: Washington State

Address: 907 Harney St. Vancouver, WA 98666

Our children and youth in the foster care system need racially, ethnically, culturally diverse, quality foster parents! If you’re not ready to be a foster parent, there are so many ways to support youth experiencing foster care! If you’ve ever thought about becoming a foster parent or supporting a youth in foster care, please feel free to contact the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), for more information. Or, if you’re interested in scheduling a recruitment event in a network that you are a part of, please let us know! Increasing the number of foster homes locally will help children maintain vital connections with their family, friends, and culture during their time in foster care. Please contact the Targeted Recruitment Specialist in your area of Washington for more information about the needs of our children and youth, or to schedule a recruitment event in your community! • Targeted Recruitment Specialists • Region 1, Carissa Stone | carissa.stone@dcyf.wa.gov • Region 2, Gabriela Mendez| gabriela.mendez@dcyf.wa.gov • Region 3, Angelia Etter | angelia.etter@dcyf.wa.gov • Region 4, John Gonzales | john.gonzalez@dcyf.wa.gov • Region 5, Yolonda Marzest | Yolonda.marzest@dcyf.wa.gov • Region 6 Chisana White | chisana.white@dcyf.wa.gov Click the link to see the boundaries of DCYF Regions: DCYF Region Map