Event: Portland Charter Commission: Public Comment

Date: March 10, 2022

Start Time: 6:00 pm

End Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Virtual

Address: 10 N Russell St PORTLAND, OR 97227

The Portland Charter Commission is making crucial decisions this month about proposals for the future of Portland’s form of government and how we elect our City Council. These next few weeks are an important time to make sure your voices are heard! For the past few months, the Charter Commission has listened to Portlanders about the problems they experience with our city government and voting system. Using community input, they have researched potential solutions. The Charter Commission is meeting on March 31, 2022 to vote on the city government and voting system proposals they would like to adopt. If these recommendations move forward, they will end up on the November 2022 ballot. Thursday, March 10th at 6 PM, the Charter Commission is hosting a virtual meeting with the opportunity for community members to share verbal public comment. The slots to provide testimony are unlimited! You can talk about your experiences receiving services from the city government, interacting with city bureaus and officials, and your participation in voting.