Event: Where We Belong: Welcoming Week 2022

Date: September 9, 2022

Start Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Ventura Park

Address: 460 SE 113th Avenue Portland, OR 97216

When everyone belongs, the entire community thrives!

Join Civic Life this September 9 -18, 2022, to celebrate the places, spaces, and people that create a sense of belonging for you and others, especially those from other

Welcoming Week is a nationwide celebration of the values that unite us and make our communities more welcoming to all those who call Portland home. Our theme for this year’s event is Where We Belong.

By focusing on the places and spaces that foster belonging (i.e., cities, workplaces, neighborhoods, etc.), "Where We Belong" aims to go deeper and spark individual reflection on how and why belonging occurs and ways we can break barriers so that places can foster belonging for all, including immigrants and refugees. Cities, towns, counties, and nations — and the institutions within them — can lean into what makes their communities welcoming places and showcase how it helps foster belonging for all people, especially immigrants. By doing this, we demonstrate the scale and breadth of Welcoming Week spreading across the globe, leaning into the universal values of welcoming places and individuals by helping others belong and feel at home.

Civic Life’s Immigrant & Refugee Program will lead the City of Portland in hosting events for this 10-day celebration. We will celebrate different cultures through amazing music, food, dance, and more! These events provide an opportunity for new arrivals to find resources and information for questions like "Is Portland tap water safe to drink?" (yes!) or "Where can I find community resources for COVID-19 or legal aid?" (here!). Look for more event information soon, and check out what we did in 2021!

Have a question? Email Mariya Klimenko, Immigrant and Refugee Program Coordinator, at Mariya.Klimenko@PortlandOregon.gov.| Tel: 503.823.6466


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