Hoiyee Cheung

She/Her | Executive Director

Employer: Growing Ancestral Roots

Moved Here from: Seattle, WA on February 2023

Why did you move here?

Wanted a community to connect my daughter to as she grows up. I wanted a more traditional life that I grew up with in the Village of Hoksan in China. While I was here I found myself in a lot of self doubt and judgement, hostility, etc for being different.

What is one thing that you need/want from a community right now?

Need community for my parenting life and support in the work I do in food and social justice. Just trying to crave out existence for my culture and other cultures that are not recognized. I am also looking to inspire youth with my engineering background after 22 years in the field and how that has help me make anything I do impactful.

What kind of civic connection are you interested in making?

Social justice work, DEI, more professionals of color, moms that do it all, schools, funders, grant writers, ways to hold and up lift each other especially in social justice work.