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Member Commitment to Racial Equity

By becoming a member of Partners in Diversity (PID), your organization commits to promoting and advancing the mission of Partners in Diversity. Achieving this does not happen passively. In becoming a member of Partners in Diversity, our organization commits to the following:

1. Accept that responsibility for meaningful cultural change in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) outcomes rests squarely on the shoulders of our organization’s top leadership.

We will make an overt and public commitment to champion DEI in all aspects of our work, including being willing to change our organization’s policies, practices and methods to better align with our DEI goals, and to better enforce our organization’s policies against racism and harassment in the workplace.

2. Commit to being intentional, action-oriented, and accountable for building and sustaining an equitable and inclusive workplace.

This may include establishing a DEI road map with measurable goals for my organization, tracking our recruitment, retention, promotion, and pay equity data, and regularly assessing our progress toward benchmarked goals. We commit to transparency by sharing results of our organization’s DEI goals and acknowledge areas for continued improvement.

3. Accept, with openness and humility, feedback with a commitment to action from employees about how our organization is doing on inclusion, harassment, bias, and equity and be willing to take action.

Provide a variety of opportunities and platforms within our organization for honest and brave conversations that foster inclusivity.

4. Agree to lead our organization with courage and self-reflection, and to model this behavior for our staff.

We will acknowledge when we make mistakes in this journey, and to use them as an opportunity for learning about what we could do better.

5. Commit to having my organization’s top leaders and general staff participate in meaningful on-going DEI and inclusive leadership trainings, such as those offered by PID as part of our membership.

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Step 2: Membership Options

Opportunity to host or co-host Say Hey!
Opportunity to be featured as a member of the month on monthly calendar
Logo highlighted on homepage
Company recognized on applicable Partners in Diversity publications
Opportunity to host or co-host Breakfast for Champions
Number of admissions to Partners in Diversity programs 4 2 1
Number of free online job postings per year (beginning January 1, 2021) Unlimited 40 20
Company highlighted on Membership Page of website Logo + Link Link Name
Send representatives to Say Hey! for Interns; tiered availability based on membership level apply
Ability to post events and volunteer opportunities on Community page of website
Ability to use the Partners in Diversity Proud Member icon

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Send To: 121 SW Salmon Street, Suite 1440, Portland, OR 97204

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