Community Engagement

Title: Board Member

Start Date: August 31, 2022

Organization: Blanchet House

Location: Portland

The role of the board As a board member of BHH, I have both the opportunity and the obligation to appoint and evaluate the Executive Director, help establish strategic direction, set board policy, and steward the assets, all in support of the organization’s stated mission. BHH’s Commitment to its Board Members: As part of the organization’s execution of its mission, BHH makes the following commitment to its board members: o We will provide you the opportunity for meaningful and rewarding service to our mission and our community. o We will provide you with the timely information you need to be an effective board member. o We will be diligent in making the best possible use of the assets you make available to us, whether those be assets of time, wisdom, experience, relationships or money. We will schedule meetings in advance, and we will start and end meetings on time, unless a majority of those present at the time elect otherwise. o We will make every effort to keep our meetings brief, relevant, interesting and impactful. o We will respond to the best of our ability to your questions and concerns. o We will encourage your feedback and guidance. o We will do our utmost to be an organization of which all of us can be proud.