Community Engagement

Title: Hospital Administrator Seat, OPSC Board of Directors

Start Date: April 21, 2022

Organization: Oregon Patient Safety Commission

Location: Virtual

The Oregon Patient Safety Commission (OPSC) Board of Directors and the Office of the Governor are seeking a Hospital administrator (or their designee) to fill a designated seat. The OPSC Board is the governing body for OPSC, a semi-independent state agency that supports healthcare facilities and providers in improving patient safety through two mission-driven programs: Early Discussion and Resolution and the Patient Safety Reporting Program. OPSC encourages broad information sharing, ongoing education, and open conversations to cultivate a more trusted healthcare system for the benefit of all Oregonians. Each seat on the OPSC Board is essential to ensure its membership reflects the diversity of facilities, providers, insurers, purchasers, and consumers involved in patient safety. Hospital Administrator Seat Criteria: A hospital administrator or their designee. Learn more about this open position and the OPSC Board at: Questions? Email us: