Community Engagement

Title: IT Set Up

Start Date: June 1, 2022

Organization: Metropolitan Family Service - Social Purpose Works

Location: Portland

Social Purpose Works is the latest innovative program offering of Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), a Portland Oregon social service agency since 1950. MFS Social Purpose Works recruits pro bono (volunteer) professionals for nonprofit project-based opportunities in Oregon and SW Washington. Social Purpose Works is recruiting an IT and networking professional for the Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education (AEME). AEME is a small, young nonprofit that currently operates one tuition-free full-day Montessori PreK program embedded within a neighborhood public school in the Reynolds School District. AEME is building infrastructure to support increasing the number of schools where they can co-locate their program and offer high quality tuition-free early childhood Montessori education to low-income families. They center anti-racism within their work and are committed to offering education and parent services in the home languages of their families.

Project Description: AEME has never had an IT staff or agency-owned computers. AEME has an IT pre-plan in place and is in the process of purchasing agency hardware including laptops, possibly one desktop computer, printers and copiers. They are seeking an IT professional to initiate their plan, lead and provide hands-on assistance to set up computers, transfer data, create efficient systems and provide staff training so AEME can have a solid technical foundation in place and focus on providing services.

Key Deliverables: ● Propose what edition of Google Workspace for Nonprofits should be used ● Propose whether AEME should converge onto the included Google apps for email, calendar, docs, video conferencing, chat, collaboration, etc. (vs. keeping Zoom and other redundant apps). If so, identify what existing applications should be dropped ● Propose the data privacy and security practices that need to be followed by employees and the related administrative controls that AEME’s IT resource will need to manage ● Propose the most intuitive way to organize and protect content that will be stored on shared drives for employees, board members, external partners and the general public ● Help set up, test and educate employees on all of the above to ensure it is working (e.g., set up and test the new integrated virtual meeting and chat system; provide written and in-person training to the staff with the computers) ● Migrate content from current cloud services or other locations to the AEME drives ● Set up all the new computers to have the protections and software they need ● Advise on what to change/stop with respect to apps, social media, website & electronic newsletter ● Identify next steps and priorities including needed ongoing services ● Propose the scope and hours needed and recommendations on who to hire

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required ● Google Workspace Administration ● Database Applications ● IT Services ● Data Security ● Project Management ● Documentation ● Training

Education/Experience: No degree required. Successful track record of providing IT support technician services including computer/peripheral hardware networking and information security. Experience working with small organizations with little IT infrastructure helpful.

Time Commitment: Medium project, estimated at 60-80 hours, to begin in late spring and be completed by September 1. Flexible hours around your schedule.

Resources: AEME’s ED will be the project champion with their IT planning lead actively involved.

Work Environment/Location: Must be local to the Portland metro area and be able to perform deliverables in person and onsite. This is a pro bono (volunteer) opportunity.

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