Community Engagement

Title: Stenzel Scholarship Committee

Start Date: May 30, 2024

Organization: Oregon Community Foundation

Location: Virtual

Purpose of this volunteer position: Most OCF scholarship funds have a selection committee that reviews scholarship applications and makes recommendations for awarding. Many of these committees include the original donor, family members of the donor, and/or local community members. However, for the scholarship funds without an established committee, OCF creates a Scholarship Selection Committee to review the applications. Often this committee is based in the community or career field most relevant to the scholarship. The Franz Stenzel M.D. and Kathryn Stenzel II Scholarship The Franz Stenzel M.D. and Kathryn Stenzel II Scholarship is open to Oregon residents, with a focus on three types of students: those pursuing any type of undergraduate degree, medical students. and those pursuing a nursing education through a two-year, four-year program. Preference will be given to nontraditional students, first-generation college students, and students approaching the final year of their program or graduate program.


•Represent OCF and the fund(s) in a conscientious manner

•Read, discuss, and select the awardees as a committee in a fair and objective manner

•Protect the privacy of students by keeping their information confidential

•Declare any conflicts of interest that arise when an applicant under consideration is someone well known to you or related to you Tasks for the Selection Committee

•Ensure the donor’s intent, as spelled out in the scholarship guidelines/checklist, is honored during the selection process

•If the donor has left the purpose of the scholarship fairly broad, develop specific criteria as a committee to reduce the applicant pool to an appropriate size

•Unless the donor has specified a particular amount for each scholarship, recommend the amount for each recipient selected


•Experience reviewing scholarship applications (preferred)

•Knowledge of college student financial aid issues (preferred)

•Experience working within volunteer committees

•Experience in the nursing or medical field (preferred)

Time Commitment and travel: Committee members can expect to spend between 6-10 hours reading scholarship applications, Independently and ranking their list of candidates. In addition, they will attend a 1–2-hour virtual meeting with the scholarship selection committee to finalize the selected scholarship recipients.

Location: All meetings will be online, and all volunteer tasks will be completed virtually.

Training: OCF provides a detailed and specific training manual for application review, orientation to OCF, and training on the grant guidelines and review process

Questions: Contact Sonja Mckenzie, Community Engagement Coordinator for Volunteers at OCF is committed to building a diverse volunteer corps to broaden and deepen its efforts. Diverse volunteers and those who support diversity are encouraged to inquire.