Community Engagement

Title: Video Content Project Lead

Start Date: October 3, 2022

Organization: Metropolitan Family Service - Social Purpose Works

Location: Portland

Social Purpose Works is the latest innovative program offering of Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), a Portland Oregon social service agency since 1950. MFS Social Purpose Works recruits pro bono (volunteer) professionals for nonprofit project-based opportunities in Oregon and SW Washington. Social Purpose Works is recruiting a Video Content Project Lead for Community for Positive Aging (CFPA). The Community for Positive Aging (CFPA; formerly the Hollywood Senior Center and The Giving Tree) is a dynamic work and community environment offering a diverse range of services and resources with the singular focus of empowering seniors and low-income adults to live their lives with independence and a sense of fulfillment. CFPA fosters intergenerational relationships, recognizes the wisdom and experience of its elders, demonstrates awareness and respect for the aging process, and is committed to removing barriers to aging well. Older adults have access to a full spectrum of services, including social, emotional, educational, and recreational opportunities. CFPA values and encourages contributions of older adults in our community and empowers people of all ages to support and achieve happy, healthy aging.

Project Description: One of CFPA’s primary goals is to provide resources and information to low-income seniors in subsidized housing so they can remain safely in their homes as long as possible, including health literacy and accessing healthcare. They provide support navigating healthcare systems, medication management, getting to medical appointments, and address food insecurities by providing nutritious food and information on nutrition. They deliver food boxes, farmer’s market produce, and culturally specific food through food pantries. However, many of the low-income seniors they serve are only connected to one service or are receiving drop-in support to access food, and they have no other way to contact them or provide additional support or information. To reach more low income and BIPOC seniors, CFPA is partnering with local organizations to create a series of short, informational videos to strategically disseminate across the Portland metro region.

The Video Content Project Lead will guide and collaborate with CFPA staff to produce these videos. Video topics will include access to healthcare, healthy aging and wellness solutions, food access and nutritional information, and access to safe housing, case management, and other wraparound support and services for low-income seniors. All videos will include audio and subtitles, including translated subtitles. The shorter videos will be translated into Spanish, Vietnamese and Mandarin. CFPA will be working with internal bilingual staff and contracting out for translation services. Videos will be shown on large screens at their senior center, food pantries, low-income housing buildings, and other community spaces where low-income seniors congregate, receive services, or gather in order to ensure they are connected to information and services vital to their well-being, health and safety.

Metro East Community Media (MECM) will deliver their final videos for broadcast over local cable channels, expanding outreach and impact. MECM will provide three workshops for up to 8 staff and volunteers that will train staff on using video equipment, creating content, editing and displaying the videos. The Video Content Project Lead doesn’t need to attend these trainings if thoroughly adept at creating content and video recording technology. With your video project lead expertise, you can help us better serve clients through improved involvement, access and connection; reach an increasingly diverse cross-section of seniors as we grow in CFPA’s equity journey and anti-racist work; increase the information low-income seniors receive about resources and services available to them; improve well-being and decrease social isolation.

Key Deliverables:

-Lead idea development, pre-production/scripting, production and post-production/editing (with staff/volunteer support)

-Facilitate collaboration with staff and older adults to shape video content

-Support staff/volunteers with technical aspects of video creation

-Include provided translations into videos

-Produce 8-12 informational videos ranging from 3 to 10 minutes each ready for distribution

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required:

-Patient and excellent listening skills

-Marketing: Audience awareness

-Video production: idea generation/scripting/shooting/editing/finalizing



-Technology and video editing software

Education/Experience: Five years+ experience creating video content and supporting staff to use video equipment to create short videos for community viewing; experience working with older adults.

Time commitment: 4-8 months

Work Environment/Location: Must be local to the Portland metro area. Some in-the-field work, post-production can be done remotely.

Resources: CFPA’s Community Manager is the project champion. If working locally, desk space and a PC can be provided when/if working onsite per our COVID policy. Chosen candidate will have access to the following video equipment and Final Cut Pro software:

-Panasonic UX180 Camera, batteries and case

-Manfrotto Tripod legs, head, and tripod bags

-Wireless Mic Setup, XLR Cables and batteries

-Lights, batteries and chargers

-MacBook Pro Laptop

This is a pro bono opportunity. To view this opportunity on our site, visit

For more information email SPW Director, Monica Wirtz at