Community Engagement

Title: Virtually Mentor a ChickTech Student

Start Date: March 20, 2023

Organization: ChickTech

Location: Virtual

ChickTech’s 1:1 Virtual Mentorship Program

Program Timeframe: March 29 through June 28th, 2023

Location: This is an all-virtual program. We will use Zoom for group meetings and you may use whichever virtual meeting platform you prefer for your one-on-one sessions.

Group Meetings: After Kickoff,on Wednesday March 29th, ChickTech will host one meeting per month (three in total) where all mentors and mentees will come together for an hour and engage in planned activities and discussions. The last of these meetings will be our program wrap-up. ChickTech program managers will be leading these meetings–all you need to do is show up!

1-on-1 Sessions: In addition to our monthly group meetings, each mentor is expected to meet one-on-one with their mentee a minimum of twice each month for one hour. It will be up to you and your mentee to determine your schedule. Mentor Orientations will be on Wednesday, 3/22 and Monday, 3/26, both at 4pm PDT.