Breakfast for Champions | Designing Your Equity Impact Roadmap

April 5 & May 19, 2022 – For many attendees at this month’s Breakfast for Champions, the materials and concepts presented helped them break through barriers in their DEI work. “The root cause analysis was a huge unlock,” said one attendee.

The session, led by Dr. Steven Nakana, community outreach manager at PGE, provided a strategic framework for mapping and designing a DEI roadmap plan. Participants got a chance to put their learnings into action through a group exercise using a technique called the problem tree analysis.

“I learned so much," said another attendee. "On the tactical level, I learned a lot about the planning and hard questions involved in developing an inclusive and diverse workplace. On a deeper level, I learned about the courage it takes for individuals to step up and start doing this work.”

Special thanks to Tillamook County Creamery Association for sponsoring the session and to University of Oregon for providing the space and hybrid technology for Part 1 on April 5.

Special thanks to Oregon State University for sponsoring the session and providing the space for Part 2 on May 19.

collage of photos of people in classroom