Breakfast for Champions | Doing the Work : Operationalizing DEI for Success

July 26, 2022 – This month’s Breakfast for Champions focused on diving into critical processes and practices across organizational functions to create a foundational strategy for sustainable growth and success. Attendees gained learned guiding principles that will help them operationalize DEI in their organizations.  

“How can we effectively weave DEI work into the fabric of the organization, into all of the different functions? How do we do that in a way that’s really meaningful and sets this up for success over time,” said Breakfast for Champions speaker Elizabeth N. Laine, Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Talent Development at Clearway Energy Group. She added that it is essential not to feel overly burdened and not get caught up on what is missing in an organization that has not yet reached maturity; instead, focus on all the opportunities an organization has. There is so much room for accomplishment; the best way to achieve that is one step at a time, ensuring balance and a strong foundation. Laine said that even though it can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill, it’s essential not to forget that it is a process. 

Throughout this year, Partners in Diversity’s Breakfast for Champions has focused on the various phases of the DEI journey including setting values and systems, designing a plan, operationalizing and implementing, and reporting and messaging. Check out our upcoming programs at Partners In Diversity Programs – Partners In Diversity.