Equity Conversations | Dare to Say No

March 23, 2022 – Attendees to Partners in Diversity’s March Equity Conversations not only received empowering advice, they also took home practical examples and templates to help them set healthy boundaries at work. Nearly 250 people participated in the session titled “Dare to say no: The art of healthy personal and professional boundaries for women of color.”

The session was designed to support women of color who take on too much. According to a 2021 Women in the Workplace study by McKinsey and Lean In, women have stepped up to do more to support employee well-being during the pandemic and are now significantly more burned out.

Leadership and negotiation coach, Nadia De Ala, said that setting boundaries and expectations and prioritizing our needs and wellness are important leadership skills to have. They are forms of negotiating and self-advocacy that are critical to advancing our career without compromising our values.

Special thanks to the State of Oregon for sponsoring this Equity Conversations.


group of people in Zoom boxes

Partners in Diversity celebrated Women’s History Month with an Equity Conversations program focused on empowering women with speaker Nadia De Ala (bottom left). The session was sponsored by the State of Oregon, represented by Madilyn Zike (center). Nearly 250 people attended the workshop.